Things You Should Avoid When Using the Hose Reels

Things You Should Avoid When Using the Hose Reels

Hose reels are a huge element of both commercial and personal use, especially for irrigation. They are used for almost everything from watering the garden to washing large-sized impossible automobiles. But do you ever operate a hose reel before?

If not, then it might be an easy-looking task for you. But in reality, it's not!

Operating the hose reels is not dangerous, but it demands a few considerations, and here are a few of them.

Here are some things that can lead to problems with your hose reels:

1. Leaking Valves

Leaking valves are a common problem, especially when you're using the hose reel for the first time. If your valve is leaking, it means that water is getting into your hose and causing damage to both the nozzle and its surrounding area.

The best way to check for leaks is by turning off all power sources and using a flashlight or other light source to examine all areas around where you plan on connecting your new garden hose reel.

Once you've identified any problems with your valve, there are several things that can be done:

Repairing Your Valve - if possible, take apart whatever piece of equipment was damaged so as not only to fix but also prevent future damage from occurring again. This may involve removing screws from inside housing components that could easily be overlooked during the initial assembly stages. However, this should only be done if necessary because doing so could cause further damage beyond repair limits.

Replacing the Valve – If the leaks are not worth repairing, replace them on time rather than using the reel and causing major problems.

2. Using the Wrong Hoses for a Particular Job

The hose reels are available in different types to perform different tasks. So, it's important not to use the wrong hose for a particular task or the right purpose. Other than the application, the hose should also be compatible with the reel to maintain the water pressure and other conditions.

However, a great hose reel is the one that is compatible with multiple applications and hose like giraffetools hose reel collection.

3. Beating Around the Bush

Among the few things that you should avoid when using the hose reels, one is to avoid beating around the bush. This means that you shouldn't be using the hose for other purposes or for tasks other than what it was intended for in the first place.

Don't get caught up trying to do too many things at once with your water supply; just focus on one thing at a time. Instead of trying to wash dishes while simultaneously watering plants outside, find another way of doing both tasks without having everything overflow onto everyone else's lawns.

4. Do Not Over-Tighten Connections

If the connection is too tight, it can cause the hose to leak. If the connection is too loose, your hose will not stay on the reel or fall off altogether. When checking for a good connection between two parts of a system assembled together (like hoses and reels). Also, look for signs of chaffing or burrs along their surfaces. These are indicators that something is wrong with how they're connected together.

5. Not Cleaning the Valve Body from Time to Time

When using a hose reel, it's essential to check that the valve body is clean. If your hose reels aren't cleaned regularly, they can get clogged up with debris and dirt. This can cause problems with your hose reel and make it difficult for you to use properly.

While there are many ways to keep your valve body clean, you can choose the easiest and most suitable one.

6. Hose Reel Water Flows Interruption

Hose reel water flow interruption is a common problem when the hose reel is used. Several things: can cause this

  • The hose reel is too small for the job at hand
  • The user is not properly connecting their hoses to their reels before turning them on


Using hose reels is not risky or danger-causing, but your negligence might cause serious damage. Hopefully, this article will help you understand a few basic things about using hose reels properly.