Bagel Bliss Made Easy with the Meater Probe: A Simple Guide

Bagel Bliss Made Easy with the Meater Probe: A Simple Guide

Hey there, bagel enthusiasts! Ready to make those mouthwatering bagels at home? Let's do it the easy way with your trusty meater probe.


Here's a no-fuss guide to perfect bagels.

Get your stuff together

First things first, gather your bagel-making goodies: flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and whatever toppings you fancy. You'll also need a bowl, your Meater Probe, a baking sheet, and an oven.

Whip up the dough

Follow your bagel recipe to whip up the dough. Mix the flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and water until it's smooth and stretchy.

Shape those bags

Divide your dough into equal parts and roll them into balls. Now, poke a hole in the middle of each ball and gently stretch it out to create that bagel shape.

Let Them Rise a Bit

Place your bagel creations on a baking sheet and give them a cozy 20–30 minutes to rise a little. This step is all about the bagel texture.

Preheat the oven

While your bagels are getting comfy, crank up your oven to the temperature your recipe suggests. It should be hot and rare to go when your bagels are ready to take the plunge.

Take a boiling dip

This is where bagels get that chewy magic. Boil up a pot of water and add a dash of sugar. Once it's bubbling, gently drop in your bagels. Give 'em a 1-2 minute swim on each side. This step is the secret to the perfect bagel crust.

Probe Time

Now, bring in your Meater Probe hero. Stick it into one of your bagels' centers. Make sure it's not touching the baking sheet.

Bake and keep an eye out

Pop those bagels on the baking sheet, and into the oven they go. Set your Meater Probe to the bagel-friendly internal temperature, usually around 200°F (93°C). Your Meater Probe will do the temperature watch for you.

Keep an eye on the heat

While your bagels are getting toasty, watch the meater probe's temperature readings using the Meater app or gadget. It'll tell you when they hit the perfect temperature.

Chill and chow down

When your Meater Probe gives the green light, take those bagels out of the oven and let them cool on a wire rack. This cooling phase helps lock in their texture. Once they're cool, it's time to slather on your favorite cream cheese or toppings and savor your homemade bagels.


With your Meater Probe as your baking buddy, you can count on bagels that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside—every time. Say goodbye to bagel mishaps, and say hello to bagel perfection. Enjoy your bagel bliss!