Interesting question in a G&M discussion column. As justice and ethics researchers, we are often concerned about self regulation – from an ethics perspective the force could be social norms or moral identity; from a justice perspective we often consider fair procedures as a mechanism to promote compliance directly or indirectly through identification and internalization of the social groups norms and values. The interesting question posed in this column concerns a conflict with a CEO that is driving the author out of the company. The author is conflicted about obligations to the organization and soon-to-be-former colleagues.  Another person might have lost sight of those obligations and sought retribution for experienced wrongs. Interesting responses from the two discussants in the article.

The Question:

I’m the program director of a human services agency. I’m pretty sure the CEO wants to push me out, and radically reshape our highly successful program. She’s not a boss I can sit down and discuss this with. I became convinced she wants me to leave a week ago as the result of a memo sent to me; I’ve had the thought for a while. I’ve watched this happen with other senior staff (I’ve been there for 18 years). I’m looking for work now as I have family obligations.

What are my ethical obligations to: the agency itself; productive employees who the CEO has indicated she doesn’t trust; funding sources who don’t trust the CEO; and program clients?

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