Welcome to the community site for the Organizational Justice and Behavioral Ethics Research Group, home also for the International Workshop on Organizational Justice and Behavioural Ethics.  We hope you will enjoy what is offered here and, even more, we hope you will join our website community!

Our goal with this site is to bring together academics, practitioners and interested people into discussions about justice and behavioral ethics.  The conversation is organized around topics of research, literature (academic and practitioner but also news, film or fiction, parables, anything you’ve read, heard or seen!), practice and teaching.

We feature regular blogs from Russell Cropanzano, who will offer his thoughts on what he’s been reading lately and Chris Bell, who will consider justice and ethics in popular culture. Our goal is to present many more regular and occasional blogs on similar themes and invite you to let us host your blog.

What makes this site unique, we think, is not only the subject matter but, more importantly, our goal of being a centerpiece of a community.  We want this site to be a go-to place for people who share an interest in and passion for the themes of justice and ethics.

Anyone can read the content here, of course, and join the conversation by leaving comments.  More importantly, the blogs are open to anyone who joins our research group.  If you are interested in blogging here, once signed up as a member, email us so and let us know what you would like to blog about. We will work with you to set up your own blog on this site or to contribute to any of the discussion categories.


The journey to this website began some years ago with the inspired ambition to create an International Workshop on Organizational Justice and Behavioral Ethics and bring together a group of like-minded people to share and discuss our developing ideas. Since then we have grown, with each biennial meeting, always with the goal of spending more time in the company of our interesting colleagues and friends.  This website is a natural extension of that endeavor.

Below, meet the people behind the workshop and website (in alphabetical order):


Chris Bell (Ph. D., Duke) is an Associate Professor in organization studies at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. His research interests include organizational justice, well being, anomie and alienation, moral reasoning, moral emotions and negotiation. He also works with CARE Bangladesh in their projects to alleviate poverty, social injustice, and the marginalization of vulnerable groups, in particular women.




Dr. Jonathan Crawshaw (Ph. D., Aston University). Is an Assistant Professor at the Work and Organisational Psychology Group at the Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham. His current research interests include organisational justice, morality and ethics at work, individual and organisational career management, attachment and the line manager-subordinate relationship, and the links between strategic HRM and organisational performance.




Dr. Russell Cropanzano is a Professor Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. Dr. Cropanzano’s primary research areas include perceptions of organizational justice as well as on the experience and impact of workplace emotion. He has edited four books and published over 120 scholarly articles and chapters.  Dr. Cropanzano has co-authored two books. The first, Organizational Justice and Human Resources Management, won the 1998 Book Award from the International Association of Conflict Management. The second, Social Justice and the Experience of Emotion, was released in 2011. Dr. Cropanzano was also a winner of the 2000 Outstanding Paper Award from the Consulting Psychology Journal, as well as the 2007 Best Paper Award from Academy of Management Perspectives. He is a past editor of the Journal of Management, and a fellow in the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, the Southern Management Association, and the Association for Psychological Science.



Marion Fortin (Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin) is Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the Center for Research in Management at the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole. Marion’s main research interest lies in the role of fairness perceptions in the workplace, and how they are linked with morality and social context.





Thierry Nadisic is an associate professor of organizational behavior at EMLYON business school, France. He completed his Ph. D. in management at HEC Paris, France. He won the 2009 prize for the dissertation of the year from the HEC foundation.Thierry conducts research on topics relating to organizational fairness, well being at work, and emotions at work, in the contexts of leadership and team management. His research has appeared in international conferences, books and academic journals. As a certified coach he also trains and coaches managers and their teams.